Ignoring Someone Could Be The Loudest Thing You Could Say

So you probably think you’re hot shit now right? Using my previous guide you stocked up on all your favorite Okcupid matches and easily dumped the rest into the metaphorical garbage bin. Unfortunately for you, just liking people isn’t going to get you dates with these matches. (mostly if you are a guy cause lets face it, despite how egalitarian you wanna be, girls are gonna expect you to message first).

Actually, there is a way it can sort of get you a date but personally I think Okcupid just makes the situation really awkward for you and your match. What happens is, if you happen to “like” someone who also “likes” you, Okcupid will give you this notification pretty much calling you out. Like it’s pretty much saying that you literally have nothing to lose, so you should hurry up and send a message before your self-doubt cripples you into a vegetative state.



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