Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing…hmmm

What is it exactly? I bet you have heard those words kind of been thrown around all  over the place. Both on-line and off-line it really does get talked about it a lot…

But what is Attraction Marketing actually?


A really cool video or what??

Mike Dillard really is a godfather and good mentor of mine when it comes to building your brand on-line.

I do have mixed feelings about Attraction marketing though….

I think the main problem is that some people hear those words and really run the wrong way with them. It’s kind of like they think that if you have something in your head, magical things will start happening from out of thin air.

Some people forget that you have to actually take action.

People love to follow other knowledgeable people or LEADERS that are going somewhere!!

You know it yourself right? How successful people just attract followers and clients.

So if you are passionate about what you do and actually take action, you are on the right track. You are on the right track to success. You are actually going somewhere.

SO I personally like to learn a lot about Am and magnetic sponsoring and add them to my skill set.

I want to help you with my knowledge!

That is my passion in my business. That should be yours too if you start a business. You should make sure yoour business helps people heaps in return for money!

HOT TIP: Give heaps and heaps of value before you expect anything in return.

It’s just logical isn’t it?

I mean, I see a lot of people getting around just pitching the crap out of people without even helping them. That is the opposite of Attraction Marketing and Magnetic sponsoring!

So I thought I would put this funny video up here that really reinforces my point. Too many people fail because they expect the money first from just doing the scammy things!

The opposite of Attraction Marketing!


We all have at least one friend that are like that right?

I find it funny but don’t do it in your business.

I mean I was the same. When I first started online a few years ago, I thought that was how you made money. I thought you would kind of just sell stuff without people asking too many questions….

That brings me to my last point about Attraction Marketing…

Get the right mentors! When I first started I was lost in the big internet sea!

BUT now, I have some really great mentors online….literally too many to name…both in AUstralia and the US.

So that is my take, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Keep it real and just get started!



Jagdish Penesar


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