Empower Network

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for visiting! Today I want to talk about Empower Network. Some of you may have heard about it, some have you this could be your first time. I look at the Empower Network as either a MLM business tool or a business to make money. Before I start talking about the company, what they do and how the business works I want to mention one thing with every home business out there today you will see people calling it a scam. They do believe it is because they couldn’t make it work for themselves. Be positive, be in the right mindset, believe in what your doing, and don’t give up.

Empower Network is in the simplest word a blog. Much like WordPress, in fact their back page from what I saw is quite similar. The difference between WordPress and Empower Network is that Empower Network will tell you key things to put in your blog to optimize search results.

They attract people to sign up for the blog by telling them their product/service or business will gain more exposure through the blog. For many people it has. But like other home businesses it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. I think its a great tool to work with using your own business because the extra exposure you can gain especially if you are using other social networks to attract people to your blog and website.

If you are a person that doesn’t own your own company or your not involved in another MLM that you can market on their blog, you can sell their products and services instead. But keep in mind a lot of people are selling these same products and using the same tools so it may be easier said than done.

To sign up with Empower Network it is very little investment of only $25. However, there are other things you will need to obtain like an email auto-responder which costs about $19 a month. If you want to sell their products and make 100% commission on them you have to become an affiliate which costs about $19 a month as well. So keep in mind those costs when you sign up as well. If you would like to maximize your earning potential with Empower Network you would do some marketing of your own through other social networks to get people to sign up under you.

For anyone who is in an MLM company I think its a tool that can help you and you can use it to do both market your MLM as well as get people in your business to sign up and use the blog too. It’s all about using all your resources the best you can.

Hope this is helpful for anyone looking for a great business tool or a business to get into!

Come back for some more reviews soon!





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