Methods to use the Viral Blogging System to make money from home

Not long ago I found and now have joined Empower Network’s recently launched Viral Blogging System platform and planned to make a nice appraisal about it. I’ve selling Clickbank and other similar products online for quite a while. Now I have come across and evaluated the Viral Blogging System and had the chance to give it some thought, I think it is a great piece of equipment for Marketers, such as myself.

I have listed a few of it’s features here for you:

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System

Hosting – up to 10 domains

SEO Optimization

High Converting Sales Page

Stunning Squeeze page

Full Facebook Integration

High Ranking Social Networking Integration

Placement On a High Authority, Aged Domain

Complete Instruction Manual

Instruction Videos

Training Lessons Work Book

Built-In Email Follow-up System

100% Commission Pay-Outs for Affiliates

The opportunity to earn $25/month Commission payments, over and over again.

The Viral Blogging System cost is only $25 monthly. This will be the best value over the internet ever. You see, having the Viral Blogging System, You have an Multilevel marketing business platform and also would use it for ones bricks and mortar business. You are also able to widen your theme and possess as many as 10 blogs with many different separate categories and advertise numerous Clickbank products etc. Hosting for up to 10 websites is included. This is truly an awesome system, which can be excellent for any firm seeking an online business.

You can make $25 monthly from multiple members inside your downline. It goes down to multi levels and there’s a huge potential from this Empower Network Basic product. There is in fact nothing basic about it.

One may already Purchase and make use of the Viral Blogging Tool in every Country (including China). The Viral Blogging System is extremely helpful for practically any business or any man or woman with a hobby. It is very highly ranked over the internet. Your Blogs will usually be observed at or near the top of major search engines, including Google.

You are now in a position to choose your blog site address, just like a website. When your preferred “website name”, is available online, one could choose it and you may use it:, for your blog. In the event that you have a small business, you can make it: and your blogs will rank very high. Your blogs will probably be found oftentimes at or near the top of Google and various other The major search engines. You’ll be able to put video recordings, pictures and sound recordings on your blogs, all about your online business.

The price is just $25 month-to-month. It’s like having the best ranking website, inside your business category, for $6 per week.

The Viral Blogging System App is just not available through shops anywhere. The one and only place where you are supposedly able to get the Viral Blogging System App is from an existing member of Empower Network, who’s an Affiliate and is actually promoting it.

The Commission is 100%. If you happen to promote this system to other people, you will get 100% Commission, per month. It’s $25 monthly. You’ll receive this $25 Income monthly from your clients (100% Commission). It is really easy to sell to any person, as it is an incredible Tool for promoting any business. It really works.

Once you eventually have say around 100 clients, with this blogging system, you are going to be receiving around $2,500 monthly. But your blog page is also created to passively recruit more users on your behalf. Plus, this is a Multi-Level Marketing System, with many other brilliant products, which could Transform your life. To acquire 100 clients, you might simply recruit say 10 to 20 people yourself and they’re going to recruit more and so on. There exists a system in the payment method that will make you get earnings from many levels.

When using the Multi-Level Marketing Network, there is a potential to produce a good living. Caution. Results Can vary. Many individuals have done very well, however this does not always mean you will. It is down to you, your skill, your mind-set, your desire to succeed plus your willingness to learn.

It’s simple to instantly edit your business blog site (on your own), and publish high-ranking video blogs from your own phone instantly. Link your blogs to your existing business website, and push the website higher in search engine rankings.

I’d really recommend anyone with just about any business, offline or online, to consider this brilliant blogging service. There is always talk of the price being raised. I would urge that you join now. To watch the awesome training series please CLICK HERE



101 Books’ Robert Bruce on Growing Your Blog and Building a Readership

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Robert is a full-time writer living in Nashville, Tennessee, who originally created his blog to chronicle a big literary challenge: to read Time Magazine‘s top 100 English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses). If you haven’t visited his site before, we’re happy to introduce him to you! 

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Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing…hmmm

What is it exactly? I bet you have heard those words kind of been thrown around all  over the place. Both on-line and off-line it really does get talked about it a lot…

But what is Attraction Marketing actually?


A really cool video or what??

Mike Dillard really is a godfather and good mentor of mine when it comes to building your brand on-line.

I do have mixed feelings about Attraction marketing though….

I think the main problem is that some people hear those words and really run the wrong way with them. It’s kind of like they think that if you have something in your head, magical things will start happening from out of thin air.

Some people forget that you have to actually take action.

People love to follow other knowledgeable people or LEADERS that are going somewhere!!

You know it yourself right? How successful people just attract followers and clients.

So if you are passionate about what you do and actually take action, you are on the right track. You are on the right track to success. You are actually going somewhere.

SO I personally like to learn a lot about Am and magnetic sponsoring and add them to my skill set.

I want to help you with my knowledge!

That is my passion in my business. That should be yours too if you start a business. You should make sure yoour business helps people heaps in return for money!

HOT TIP: Give heaps and heaps of value before you expect anything in return.

It’s just logical isn’t it?

I mean, I see a lot of people getting around just pitching the crap out of people without even helping them. That is the opposite of Attraction Marketing and Magnetic sponsoring!

So I thought I would put this funny video up here that really reinforces my point. Too many people fail because they expect the money first from just doing the scammy things!

The opposite of Attraction Marketing!


We all have at least one friend that are like that right?

I find it funny but don’t do it in your business.

I mean I was the same. When I first started online a few years ago, I thought that was how you made money. I thought you would kind of just sell stuff without people asking too many questions….

That brings me to my last point about Attraction Marketing…

Get the right mentors! When I first started I was lost in the big internet sea!

BUT now, I have some really great mentors online….literally too many to name…both in AUstralia and the US.

So that is my take, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Keep it real and just get started!



Jagdish Penesar

What is the Empower Network launch?

I come from a farm out in outback Queensland and people don’t usually muck around and kind of just sit around talking when something needs doing! You probably know that about country folk right?

So I first heard of Empower Network about a year ago as I was building my Internet marketing career and knowledge.

Empower Network is about to go BIG!!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for you to start creating wealth from scratch!!

This is IT!!

The hype is just going crazy with so many people running around shouting BEAST MODE ON! BEAST MODE ON!! BEAST MODE ON!!

So what is the Empower Network Launch and Beast Mode?

Empower Network is a company that has already revolutionalised Internet Marketing. It has allowed people to go from having basically no marketing knowledge to being able to create money basically on demand!

My personal mentor with Empower Network makes consistently over $100k per month with Empower Network!

The thing about life is that you get out what you put in!

You really need to get that. Once you do, you will have so much energy that it is unbelievable!

Don’t you want to fight back and get some freedom for yourselves as well?

I mean come on, just do something for yourself for once. And not only that, you can help your family and society as well!

You see I used to be one of those guys who was afraid of winning….

Let me tell you a story of my school days…

I used to be a hurdler. i was fairly good at athletics and was one of the best in my school. I used to race this guy though.

The same guy every time!

And I used to come second. I came second every time out of 9 races.

The thing was that my mindset was so bad that I used to enjoy losing! My self worth was so low that I never wanted to win, I just used to settle for second lol….

It took me growing up into a man to delete that wussie inside me….

I said, guess what, I want to be a winner and I’m confident that I can do that!

When Empower Network first launched, I didn’t even know about the company.

Empower Network can be that vehicle for you too!

If you are wondering what the EMPOWER network Beast is and how it can make you rich….

Watch this video…

I will be waiting for you on the inside….

Also leave some comments below this blog if you have any questions!


Jagdish Penesar


What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a direct response company, that handles front and back end sales conversions – and teaches people how to narrow their focus down to one skill: Getting Traffic.

“The fact? Getting Traffic is easy to teach if you take out the technical and management complications that drive the rest of the marketing niche . . . we’ve now existed for 140 days, and have more than 20,109 customers who have bought our blogging system.”





With Empower Network You Will…

  • have a chance to achieve what you couldn’t before (i.e. have a successful business)

“Say goodbye to the complicated barriers that stand in the way of you and a thriving business …and hello to Automation, Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions.”

  • with ease:

“No rules. No hassles. We’ll help you build your business bigger and better so you can do more of things you want, with the people you want to do them with.”

“You can now leverage our ‘point and click‘ marketing system and leverage our ability to market, convert traffic to leads …and convert those leads to sales. This way, you can stay focused on one thing, and one thing only – getting traffic.”

“We’ve solved every problem marketers and online entrepreneurs face.”

“We’ve built our entire marketing system around a ‘plug and play’process that members can use to generate 100% commissions into their bank account, instantly.”

“…you have a ‘done for you’ marketing system that pays you 100% commissions, directly deposited into your bank account.”

  • making more money you’ve ever made before:

“From this point on, as a member of Empower Network – you’ll never have to wait for another less than worthy commission check in the mail again, because you can now get paid instant and automatically, directly into your bank account.”

“… just blog daily, tell others …and learn to get more money in your business, faster.

“Essentially, you can make ‘guru’ money …without being a ‘guru’.

Turns out silver bullets do exist.

Silly me… choosing the “hard” way to build a business.





Empower Network Products

1. Blogging platform – $25/month

For only $25 per month, you get the full monty – a customizable blog built into the wordpress platform, complete with hosting, sales videos, capture pages – and if you want, you can even capture the leads into your own auto-responders.”

Just to sum up: for $25/month, you get a blog on Empower Network (which really is a WordPress blog that’s free everywhere else), plus:

  • one theme everyone else has;
  • no additional functionalities to add (like plugins);
  • 8 “Core Commitments” videos that will try to upsell you on everything.

You do get a few lead capture templates you can drive traffic to – the same pages used by thousands of other EN members.

2. E-Wallet – $20/month

EN doesn’t accept PayPal, so unless you have your own payment processor (most marketers don’t), this is your only option if you want to be an affiliate.

3. The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership – $100/month

“For only $100 per month, you’re going to get the best ongoing audio training you’ve ever heard in your life. We’re interviewing industry Phenom’s who want nothing more than to help you make more money, have a better life, and build your marketing automation machine…

…on complete auto pilot.

$100/month is on top of $25/month, of course.





To Sum Up…


Empower Network has two objectives:

1. To make you “guru” money.

2. To teach you how to GET TRAFFIC.

Let’s talk about that.

But before we move on, please:






The Secret of a Long Life: Worry Less

The Secret of a Long Life: Worry Less

Our health, well-being and professional success depend upon social networks. Of course, I’m referring to the importance of our connections between friends, family and others in a community, not social media. But check out the striking similarity between Jeffrey’s practical advice for using social media for success in business and sales in his book Social Boom!,principles for eliminating stress and worry, and medical advice from the Mayo Clinic about nurturing social networks to reduce stress and lead a long life!